Saudi Arabia Introduces ‘Sara’ – First-Ever AI Robot that Speaks Arabic

Saudi Arabia Introduces 'Sara' - First-Ever AI Robot that Speaks Arabic

Saudi Arabia Introduces 'Sara' - First-Ever AI Robot that Speaks Arabic

Sara can talk in Arabic, perform famous neighborhood moves, and answer inquiries from guests.

Saudi Arabia impacts the world forever in the wake of presenting “Sara,” the very first robot that communicates in Arabic and performs famous neighborhood moves, as per a report by the state news organization SPA.

The “Sara” robot was created in collaboration between Saudi Computerized and Qss Organization and can interact with all guests while also performing every popular dance and responding to their inquiries. Sara is outfitted with a camera that, because of man-made consciousness, can measure the distance individuals are from it.

"Hello Sara"

Sara heartily welcomed guests to the Saudi Computerized Structure during the Jump 2023 meeting, a tremendous worldwide social event for innovation and digitization improvements in Riyadh.

Jump 2023, presently in its subsequent release, opened at the Riyadh Presentation and Conference Hall with the subject “Towards New Skylines.”

Saudi Computerized and Qss Organization teamed up to make the robot Sara, which can interface with all guests, play out every famous dance, and answer questions.

The man-made reasoning controlled camera in Sara can measure how close an individual is remaining before it and can start a discussion when the guest says, “Hi Sara.”

Moreover, the robot has a pre-prepared model that can distinguish different Saudi vernaculars, look at and fathom words, and afterward offer the suitable reaction as text.

“At #LEAP23 today, I’m pleased to meet Sara. Sara is the primary Saudi humanoid robot; Sara communicates in the local Saudi language via the computer-based intelligence discourse acknowledgment framework,” one of the guests tweeted on February 7.


Sophia's Introduction at Saudi Arabia

It’s also worth noting that Sophia, a Hong Kong-based Hanson Mechanical Technology robot, was granted citizenship in Saudi Arabia in October 2017, making it the first country in the world to do so.

“I’m extremely respected and glad for this one-of-a-kind differentiation. “This is verifiable to be the principal robot on the planet to be perceived as having a citizenry,” Sophia said in her presentation at the Future Drive in Saudi Arabia’s capital Riyadh.

According to Fascinating Designing, Sophia began advocating for women’s rights in the country only one month after becoming a citizen.

According to David Hanson, Chief of Hanson Advanced Mechanical, Sophia is an ardent supporter of common liberties and, in particular, women’s rights.

Sophia was introduced after women from all over the world questioned how a country like Saudi Arabia could grant robot citizenship so quickly when it does not allow women to drive.

Advocates for basic freedoms also discussed how a robot created by a man could advance socially faster than the entire female population of the country in a single day.

Saudi Arabia likewise presented three new robots in September 2022 to discuss the Quran, give talks, and issue the azan, or call to supplication, at the holiest mosque in Islam, situated in Mecca.